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How to get the arrow functionality in salesforce table

I am having a table where ranking will be given. Some fields are ranking,name,.. fields . There must be one field with down arrows and up arrows in table.1st ranker will be have only down arrow. 2nd... rankers will have both down and up arrows. If i click on 3rd rank up arrow then it must go to 2nd rank. If click 4th ranker down arrow it must go to 5th rank. Rank field must not change and just other fields will change. How can i achieve the functionality.

If I understand your requirement correctly - you will have to use actionsupport to rerender the values in the table depending on the click of an image - think this can be made possible using http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/pages/Content/pages_compref_actionSupport.htm

Read about this tag and the sample code given on the link above.