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Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot 

Record Update limit in Flow (Visual Workflow)?

My Flow with a "Record Update" is only updating 200 records. My first guess was that there is a limit for Record Updates in a Flow. But I can't find documentation to support that guess, and besides, doesn't a 200 limit on record updates seem VERY low?

This is a simple, 3 step Flow. It is launched from a custom button because it requires a variable assignment for the first step:

1) Record Lookup - take the variable from the launch URL and get the record Name
2) Screen - display the record Name and ask for input of a date field
3) Record Update - update all child records of the variable with the date entered in step 2

I am unable to find documentation that definitively indicates that there is a limit for Record Updates in a Flow.  There are two interesting points in the online documentation.

1) https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=vpm_designer_elements_record_update.htm&language=en_US (https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=vpm_designer_elements_record_update.htm&language=en_US)
There is a large, highlighted warning with giant red exclamation point indicating "You must configure at least one filter, or you will update all the records for the object." -- so SF documentation essentially indicates that it's possible to update ALL records in an object, regardless of how many records there are.
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2) https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=workflow_flow_action_considerations.htm&language=en_US (https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=workflow_flow_action_considerations.htm&language=en_US)
There is a point in the documentation for Flow Triggers (no indication that this is applicable to a standard Flow) which I'm thinking MAY be relevant). It states "Flows that are launched from workflow rules are governed by the per-transaction limits already enforced by Apex.". Certainly, I'm not launching this standard Flow from a Workflow Rule, but I am in the Flow Triggers pilot program. Again, the Flow in question is NOT a Trigger Ready Flow. It has a screen element, and does not use any of the Fast record actions, Sojbect variables, or Loops. So if this per-transaction limit is applicable to a standard flow, can someone please tell me exactly what this limit is? The only "200" that I see in Apex per-transaction limits is a limit for asynchronous transactions. Could this be what's happening?

Thank you so much to anyone that can offer any insight. I've had to post here because SF Premier Support has been trying to come up with an answer for 8 days now, and despite having several "experts" review the Case, they still don't have an answer.

Folks, we WASTED TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS on Premier Support -- I would HIGHLY discourage anyone from purchasing a Premier Support contract. SF will promise you improved support over and over and over again. But the truth is, all that you'll get beyond the standard free support is access to some online classes. Their improved response times and supposed "access to Product experts" is just hot air.
Hi Jeff,

The case # 10500602 had been investigated and discussed by our Suppport team.

I am adding the details here for the community's future reference.

We really sincerely regret the inconvenience and Appretiate your effort to bring this up.

In review, we found that our record update element was hitting a limit of 200 records. We escalated this to R&D, who confirmed that Apex Governor Limits are being enforced.

Previously, flows could potentially consume more resources than are allowed by our governor limits, such as the number of DML statements or SOQL queries issued in a single transaction. Create, update, and delete elements issue DML statements, and lookup elements issue SOQL queries.

With all of the feature enhancements we are adding to Flows, such as Headless Flows, governor limits are now being enforced more strictly on flows. We will be addressing this in more detailed documentation within the Summer '14 Release Notes, which should be made available to public soon. Here is a link again to the documentation we currently have with these limits:




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