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Rajesh SFDCRajesh SFDC 

how to check Programmatically for Enterprise WSDL each organisation salesforce?

here i have requirments at all time generate enterprise wsdl file add webreference in TFS

I WANT TO check it which organisation conatining those wsdl file .. i have an 2 accounts in salesforce
how to do programmatically .....all time generating those wsdl file... once two files .. i want to check it which organtion
for containging those enterprise file...
Hi Rajesh, 

See the below link, 


umesh atryumesh atry
Since your company frequently changes the custom objects then you should be using the Partner WSDL, not Enterprise. Enterprise is used for non changing or slowly changing orgs. Basically, a strongly typed WSDL. Partner is loosely typed so you can access all objects within the org and you gain flexibility but it requires more time for development.

If you didn't want to stop using the enterprise WSDL, you could use both. Use the partner to issue the describeglobal call to detect changes, download the new WSDL, compile and do what you need with it.
umesh atryumesh atry
Enterprise WSDL:

It is a strongly typed wsdl.

Which tells that,once you have generated this wsdl in a specific org then it is supposed to connect to that org only. The reason is, it is schema oriented. If both orgs are having same schema then it works to connect.

Partner WSDL:

It is loosely typed wsdl.

Once you have generated this wsdl in one org then we can connect to any other org.

But both wsdl needs UserName, Password, Security token and end point URL while integrating.
umesh atryumesh atry