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Refreshing Sandbox

We want to refresh our sandbox and the biggest thing we are worried about losing is all of our code that we have on sandbox but is not yet on production. Will that be affected? What if we have a page on production and one with changes on sandbox? Will be lose the changes on sandbox? What if we have a page on sandbox that isn't on production? Will be lose that page?


If you refresh your sandbox, the data on production gets copied over to the sandbox and overwrites the stuff you have on the sandbox - I'd suggest you to backup the data on Sandbox and only then refresh so you can get the code developed on the sandbpx back to the sandbx after refresh.
Saurabh DhobleSaurabh Dhoble
To add to what Sonam said, we usually download all our code (triggers, classes etc.) using the Eclipse plug-in, and check it into Source Control. You might want to do something similar.