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Reusing overwritten standard page.

Hi guys, I think I have something interesting here :)
I have a custom object and the button "NEW" is overwritten by a VF page. The VF page itself if very simple and gives 2 options:
-Clone a record(cloning a template)
-Create a new record.
The problem is, that I need the standard page to create a new record, but it is overwritten and when I try to create a page reference to standard "new page"  using 
" new PageReference('/a07/e?retURL=%2Fa07%2Fo'); " it just redirects me to my VF page(cause new button is overwritten).
So the questions is: Can I still reach standard "new" page in this scenario? How can I get out from this loop?

There is actually a way to workaround this, by creating and inserting a record and then redirecti to edit page, but if user clicks cancel - the record remains in the database, so this workaround will be used only if no other way is possible.

Thanks in advance!
I managed to workaround this by utilizing VisualForce Tabs, but the question is still actual, if somebody has the answer :)