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RIyas BasheerRIyas Basheer 

Visual force Page Error: Syntax error. Missing ')'


I am getting an error  Error: Syntax error. Missing ')'  while saving a visualforce page on below line: 
<apex:inputCheckbox id="theScheduleCheckbox" styleClass="scheduleCheckbox" selected="{!IF(FbPost.scheduledHour = '', true, false)}"  onchange="showCalendar(this, 0);" />

As on inspection the if statement  "{!IF(FbPost.scheduledHour = '', true, false)}" causes the error.

Can anyone help me to find the solution?

Try below code in your if condition :-

"{!IF(FbPost.scheduledHour == null, true, false)}"

Vitap RamdevputraVitap Ramdevputra

Have you tried "==" ?
If not; please check it out. "{!IF(FbPost.scheduledHour == '', true, false)}"