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CaseInteraction.css file current path in Service Console

I have developed some custom Vf pages which i show in publiser action of case Feed layouts like below View case details, change status. etc

I want the UI style same like text color , font size etc i.e like of standard case feed pages of changes status, write case note, etc

So to achieve this i have used standard salesforce CaseInteraction.css file.

So i have included following thing in page as

<apex:stylesheet value="/sCSS/29.0/sprites/1384456088000/Theme3/default/gc/CaseInteraction.css"/>

This Works fine, but the issue after every release is that salesforce changes this link like now in Spring 14 the link is this

<apex:stylesheet value="/sCSS/30.0/sprites/1397513778000/Theme3/default/base/CaseInteraction.css"/>

I have to be in sync with standard case feed styling , so i can't copy it to static resource & most important in two links if u see not only version number but also subfolder path has change

So i don't want to change vf page it every release. I want it to be dynamic is there any way to get CaseInteraction.css file current path

This should do the trick:


In this url you find the latest version.
Hope this helps

May the Force.com be with you