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Lizzie XactiumLizzie Xactium 

Salesforce Developer Opportunities, Sheffield UK

Xactium is looking for passionate, talented, and resourceful Developers to join us in our Sheffield UK office in following roles:

Force.com Software Developer (http://www.xactium.com/careers/software-developer): This is the ideal role for a developer with a wide skill set, who is keen to develop their career in a rapidly growing and exciting technology space – cloud computing, specifically on the Salesforce Force.com platform.

Senior Software Developer: (http://www.xactium.com/careers/senior-software-developer) This role requires someone who possesses in-depth technical skills in a range of programming
languages, can work with high profile clients, and who loves programming and innovation.

We are also recruiting for an experienced Project Manager/Business Analyst. (http://www.xactium.com/careers/project-manager-analyst)

For more information about Xactium, our career opportunities and how to apply, go here: www.xactium.com/careers

Vivek Singh 9Vivek Singh 9
Can people from India without a Visa can apply for this position?
Lizzie XactiumLizzie Xactium
Hi Vivek,

If you would like to apply for one of our job opportunities (with or without a visa) please submit your CV and covering letter to jobs@xactium.com for consideration.

Further details on the application process can be found here: www.xactium.com/careers