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Wait Time Aggregate Drilldown

Hey gang! I'm putting together a report that is tracking the percentage of abandoned calls (people hanging up before call center rep gets to the call). Currently, my formula is thus:


Essentially, I've got a field called "Call Answered" that I'm summing up then dividing by the total number of calls. I subtract the whole bag from one and I get my abandonment percentage. All is well.

The problem arose when the powers that be told me they only want to include calls with a "Wait Time" (another field) over 30 sec. I have searched site after site, post after post and cannot find the solution to this. It boils down to this statement => "Add up all unanswered calls with a wait time of over 30 seconds, divide by the total number of calls, then subtract from one". Make sense? Good.

Please help pull me out of this interwebs rabbit hole. Thanks in advance!
I havent thought about it to much, but what if you created a hidden field on the activity object called "Unanswered Calls (wait time > 30 sec)". This would be a formula (number), that would be something like this:

if(Call_Answered__c && Wait_time__c > 30, 1, 0)

Now you can use this new field in your report, just as you would have in your example.
**I assumed Activity.isdc_inbound_call_answered__c is a checkbox and wait time is a number field