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Larry WilliamsLarry Williams 

Apex Governor Limit Warning

Good morning,

I'm not a Developer but I was hoping someonw could give me some insight on this message that I'm receiving. It only appears when I attempt to run Exact Target Analytics in SF via the integration.   Thanks!

Operation: /apex/et4ae5__SubscriberAnalytics

By user/organization: 005d00000038Vi5/00Dd0000000gHXb

Caused the following Apex resource warnings:

Number of SOQL queries: 57 out of 100
Surya KiranSurya Kiran
While running Exact Target Analytics there may be a dependent Apex classes are executing. Salesforce enforces certain governor limits.
Number of SOQL queries - 100
Your code is executing 57, because of that it is showing warning message.
Larry WilliamsLarry Williams
Sounds good...thanks for the follow up.