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Shri RajShri Raj 

Command Link not Working on Internet Explorer.

I'm noticing a problem with the Command Link Tag. 

I have a command link which redirects to the Campaing Standard Object. When i hit on the Link I'm noticing two problems. 

1. I'm not able to add the Inline edit functionality. The field is getting locked though the Page block has mode="inlineEdit"
2. When i click on the link especially in Internet Explorer. The whole standard Campaign page alignment is going off. This is working absolutely well in Chrome and Firefox. Please suggest. 

<apex:column HeaderValue="{!$ObjectType.Campaign.fields.Name.Label}">
     <apex:facet name="header">
      <apex:commandLink action="{!querySortData}" value="{!$ObjectType.Campaign.fields.Name.Label}{!IF(sortExpression ='Name' &&     sortDirection='ASC','▼','▲')}"  status="loading"  reRender="pb,js">
       <apex:param value="Name" name="column" assignTo="{!sortExpression}" ></apex:param>
     <apex:outputLink styleClass="actionLink"   value="/{!cw.camp.Id}" onClick="return openCampaign('{!cw.camp.Id}');">{!cw.camp.Name}</apex:outputLink>


Please try following options:

1) Use only one <form> tag in your page

2) Check for standard browser settings for IE supported by salesforce.