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real time integration with web based application


I want to integrate my salesforce org with our internal application.

For ex:  there should be a button on Account object, on click of this button account information(few fields) must be created in that application and unique ID should be returned to salesforce.

What is the best method to follow in this case?(any third party app or API)

Does the application provide any type of web services?  If so, performing a web service call to the application would be a reasonable option.  If not, there are various tools that can push data from Salesforce to an outside database or application like Boomi, Informatica, SyncApps, etc.
Thanks for the reply Max!!

Yes, the application is based on VB.NET, it can provide web services. But, the thing I want to know is whether the coding for processing the business logic ,updating the salesforce records and creating company,contact records in the .NET application should be at salesforce end or at the applications end.

Which way will be best for me....