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SOAP API Error after migration from na13 to na20


After being migrated from na13 to na20 I have been seeing the following error happen ever so often:

The processing instruction must begin with the name of the target.

Currently I am using API version 20 and have never seen this error happen in the past before the migration over the weekend.

Any ideas on what may cause this?

The Apex Web Services Generated WSDL file (those that are generated from an Apex Class) do have the instance specific URL. For any Apex Web Services Generated WSDLs, you will have to modify the WSDL to point to the new instance, or you will have to regenerate the WSDL after the move to the new instance.

The Partner WSDL should have the endpoint defined as a preferred generic URL (e.g. 'login.salesforce.com'), and thus would not need to be regenerate after the move. To verify this, you can download the Partner WSDL from the org SETUP > DEVELOP > API menu, open up the XML, and search through to see if there are any instance specific URLs in it.
Thanks for the reply, my WSDL / code did not have any static instrance URLS in it.

I also started getting tons of SSL Connection reset errors along with the one above.

I ended up updating my code to use the most recent version of the SOAP client which uses the most recent version of the API, so far I haven't seen any errors
being reported.