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Bob Lloyd 2Bob Lloyd 2 

Related Content Related Lists at the Master Object

We have a need to have related content be attached to a contact record and show in the "related content" related list. This works really well, but when I go to the account object that is the master for this record, the related list for "related content" is empty. Basically it isn't acting like other related lists. SF support says this is as documented. Seems strange to me.

Regardless, has anyone got a work-around for this issue?

Hey Bob,

The related content related list  is specific to only the record where the list is visible - don't think it will roll up the child content added.

'The Content related list on a record detail page includes links to all of the content that has been associated with that record in Salesforce CRM Content. Click the file name to open the content details page.' 


As a workaround: you can try to create a Visualforce page which shows a list of all available content of the related contacts and add it as a component in the standard page layout