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remember user name checbox don't work correctly in the webview

We have developed an application with salesforce mobile SDK natif android; in the first authentication page there is checkbox "remember user name", but when i check it,  and return to the same page, the systeme don't remember the ancient logins  :

User-added image

So my question is : is there parameter to add to the webview wich contain this login page to store logins and let this checkbox work correctly.

I have the same issue, Please can any one give us the solution ?
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Yes, that doesn't seem to work at all. Thought I was the only one.

If It is web application might be you can use javascript . May be this code can be usefull


I'm using a native application and webviews
Thank you Vamshi for your replay, but in our development we use Salesforce mobile sdk native android so we don't use any web language like JS on Jquery so we need android code (Java) to enhance SF mobile sdk to support the "remember user name"  functionality, I notice that it works very well in a browser but not in android webview for this reason we think that the solution is to configure programmaticaly the above like a browser?