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SSN format in visualforce page

Hi Everyone,

I Have one object in that i have created a Text field. This text field should take the SSN number. When user typing or entering number it should take the SSN format
last four digits should display. When I am typing the after first 4 digits it should display the - and after again 2 digits again it should display - and last 4 digits should visible to everyone.
From encrypted field I can’t populate – after 4 digits and again after 6 digits. I would like build a visualforce page with Jquery but I don’t know jquery.

Any help is highly appreciated
sam sammsam samm
public static String semiMaskSSN(String ssn){
  String maskedSSN = '';
if(ssn  != null && ssn.length() == 9){
   maskedSSN = '***-**-' + ssn.substring(5, ssn.length()); 
  return maskedSSN;