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shiv prakashshiv prakash 

How to Chnage Trial Account from Professional Edition to Enterprises Edition

Hi guys,

 I creatd Trial Account and want to enable API but api enable option is not showing in my trial account due to it's professional edition so i want to change professional edition to enterprises edition

please tell me how can i chagne professional edition to enterprises edition or othe technique to enable api.
praveen murugesanpraveen murugesan
Hi Shiva,

I think there is no option to change the editon of our SF account.#

But cotact the salesforce support and conform that.

refer this link.


One solution is there, you can create new developer edition org. Move all the configuration records class pages from Professional edition org. 

Then you can start working from here.

Hope this will help.

shiv prakashshiv prakash
Thanks Praveen for kind your support,

can you please tell me how cai i find service url of API then i add service reference and integrate salesfouce account, actually in my account i am not finding API interface plase see attachment

User-added image

When i click build >> Develop >> API then i saw above sreen.