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requesting custom index

Hi all

What's the procedure for requesting a custom index?
I contacted support as it's advised in doc, oppened a case and got redirected here by  what appears to be an  automated email.
Do I need a premium support package to be able to request this feature.

thanks for suggestions
Support are sometimes trigger happy when sending people to these forums for help - as soon as they see the word Apex, that tends to be the end of their investigation.  There's absolutely no point to them sending you here, as we are an external community and thereforce can't tune the database for individual customers.

You don't need premium support to request a custom index - I would suggest raising the case again, or calling the support number, and maybe avoid using the words apex, trigger etc.  Just say that you need a custom index as to speed up database access.
Thank you Bob
I got my manager involved. It took a few calls to our acount manager and he still doesn't know how to solve our problem.
Basically he submitted a case, the support closed it sending me back here again.
It souds like we do, or we are made to believe we do, need a premium support for a silly thing like this.
I will write a comment once the thing is sorted so perhaps other people may benefit from it.
Once again thank you
Here's the doc from the Salesforce help:


No mention of premium support there.  You might try reaching out them on twitter (@asksalesforce) - I've found that once you shine a light on them in public, support suddenly get a lot more interested in helping.