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Denis BrownDenis Brown 

A Flow embeded in VFP doesn't work in Community Portal

Hi guys,

We want to use a Flow in our Community portal.

I created a flow, activated it, embeded into VF page, created a Tab for that page and in Portal settings switched the Tab to right, thus now the Tab is available on Portal Home layout (and made that VFP be available for Site, just in case).

And when I am in the Portal (under Admin profile), I can click on that Tab and see very first screen of my Flow and can hit 'Next' button. After that, insteed of second screen (or first screen again if didnt pick a required field) I see "Error: Error occurred while loading a Visualforce page"  :(

But within an Org those Tab, VFP and Flow work well.

Not sure what to do...

Denis BrownDenis Brown
PS: I was not able to post this message in FFox 30 - button Post does not work. I posted it by Chrom.
Denis BrownDenis Brown
I have opened an access to that VFP and an object (and its fields) for my custom Community profile. And I have "Data Not Available" on that Tab in Portal. (for example, my Portal user can access and edit that object's records on their standard layout with no problem). But even if I go to Portal like an admin, I see only first screen of the Flow, and instead of second screen - " Error occurred while loading a Visualforce page".

Probably I found a reason for Portal user problem: my portal user in Dev Org has no Flow License and it is impossible to activate for his profile Permission "Run Force.com Flow". That is probably reason why my Portal user can not get it. But admin user has a Permission "Manage Force.com Flow". So it is still a mystery why flow does not work for him if to go into Portal directly from Portal settings.
Creston KuenziCreston Kuenzi
I'm having this same problem. If I login to my community as an admin user, I can access and run a flow embedded within a visualforce page just fine. But, when I login as a customer community user, I can access the visualforce page, but it gives me the "Data Not Available" error.

I can't find anything that says Visual Flow is not supported in Customer Communities, but based on these results, that's the conclusion that I'm drawing.
Also having the issue of "Error occured while loading a Visualforce page" as a portal user. Added code to the error page to get more details, and it seems to be the same InvocationTargetException that we were getting in Production until we fixed all the permissions for the Production user. But I can't seem to find the permissions for the Portal User that will allow this to work. Added the Visualforce page as an available page in Communities. Added access to the VF page and the one Apex Class it calls to the User Profile for the portal user. The page calls a Visual Flow, which accesses clones a Lead and creates two new related custom objects, and the User Profile has read/write access to those objects, the record types, and all the relevant fields on those objects.