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update the records via click link

Hi ,

I'm new to the FFA , and  i created the first rule to migrate the custom object field values to Product object .
If i run the job it created the products, if  i did update and run jobs it's creation again create the new rows in product object.
but i need to update in same records. 

so followed the steps in the http://help.financialforce.com/clicklink/1X/Default.htm#topics/SettingupSynchronization.htm%3FTocPath%3DUsing%20the%20Application%7CClickLink%20Rules%7CSynchronization%7C_____1 

but nothing appen after the update, in the source object i added the trigger mentioned , any thing else need to do? 

below is the rule page i created with mapping rules
the rules page after setting all things needed
You may have to reach out to FinancialForce Support: http://www.financialforce.com/services/support/overview/standard-success-plan/