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Copy Data from Production to Sandbox after sandbox refresh.

We have a developer sandbox which is refreshed quite frequently. There are some some seed objects that need to have data so that the sandbox becomes usable.
I am trying to develop a script which will automate this thing  i.e. will copy data from production to sandbox for these objects. I used the command line data loader by salesforce.

->  Got stuck where i need to copy "Sales Coach" object & the child object - "Sales Coach Line Items". While loading the Sales Coach Line Items the Sales Coach lookup ids point to production but i need the ids of the sandbox. Is there way to solve this problem?

-> Also i need to migrate some attachment object records. Is this possible with CLI?

Is there any other tool or other approach  that can be used to achieve the above?

Thanks in advance.


Ankit AroraAnkit Arora
In this case I think, DL is not the best tool to go with. You've to insert parent object records first then use their Ids for child and insert it again. I would recommend to go with selinium or ANT script if you are aware of those.