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Need Urgent help with Single Sign-On ROLE_NAME_LOOKUP_ERROR


I have a required in which i am trying to implement single sign on.
My requirement is to allow user to login seamless from site of one org to site of another org.
I have given org id, portal id  and sit2 url in the settings but getting following error while inserting user through a trigger for the portal.

 Unable to map an unique role ID for the given role name         ROLE_NAME_LOOKUP_ERROR

Need urgent help
Thanks in advance

Can you please try below mentioned steps 

>>"UserRoleId" parameter is included in the SAML Assertion and set the value to 0 such as "User.UserRoleId=0000000000".
>>The PortalRole parameter is set to "Worker" by default such as User.PortalRole=Worker.
>>Please let me know if these parameters are included:

Please let me know, if this helped you.