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Dhriti GhoshDhriti Ghosh 

Need Immediate response for rendering dependent response in VF page


Currently I am facing some issue in VF page for rendering dependent responses in VF page.
The object structure is as follows:
1.Master object
2.Child object.(Master detail records to Master object)
3.Junction object(Master Detail to above both object)

Currently I am fetching records of Master object.Based on Master Object records depending Child object records are displaying.based on the response of this Child object again using junction object I am displaying different Master Object  records.Thing is that this process will continue upto nth level.Can anybody please help me how to solve this problem and display all dependent response in a single VF page.Can anybody please tell me what is the optimized way to solve this problem??

Hi Dhriti, 

Can you tell us why do you need a junction object to connect Master and Detail Object ? Or am I reading it incorrectly .. Seems a bit unusual. 

- HS