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Survey Force error-Authorization required

Went through all the posts on Survey Force Error on Authorization required but could get it working in my set up. 
The problem is happening when i define a custom field under Survey Taken object and build a Master-Detail Relationship with Case object. When I do this, the contact is not able to submit the survey get the error, "Authorization is required"
If I remove this custom field or change the Data type to Lookup, it works perfectly.

I have checked many times on the site guest user profile. The VF pages are associated properly. The permissions are set properly for Case, Account and Contact objects, sharing rules are also defined but still i keep on getting Authorization error

Can some one help to see where the problem is and how to fix it?

What is your sharing model for cases?  If its not public read/write, the guest user won't have access to the case in question and therefore won't have access to the survey (detail) record related to the case. If its not public read/write, you'll need a to use code declared as "without sharing" to bypass the sharing programmatically.

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