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Use Salesforce as Backend for my Website

Hello Friends,

My friend has got website to sell the products. He now want to use Salesforce as a Backend for their website. I am doing the Salesforce development for my friend. I need Idea on how can i achieve the following.The website is currently ecommerce with CMS. 
all new products to be added by salesforce.
all invoicing to managed by salesforce.
all inventory to be managed by salesforce.
the ability to take payments for sagepay gateway via salesforce.
the ability to take phone orders where products can be selected via salesforce to build a order for a customer.
Because i know the configuration adn Apex/VF pages development

Please give me ideas and i will implement it.

Many Thanks in advance
As you mentioned you wish to use Salesforce for data storage - you will have to integrate the Salesforce platform with your site using the Salesforce APIs:

read about each in the following doc and use the one which best suits your need - depending on the amount of data you will accessing and the mode of access:https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=integrate_what_is_api.htm&language=en_US