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Kripa Sindhu SinghKripa Sindhu Singh 

I want to search sum numbers in a XLSX sheet which is attached with the chatter files

I was working with case object in the service cloud, where when a email is sent on the help email address configured with the Service model a case is created 
Hence the attachments are also added with them, For these attachments to enable preview and Search on the content i wrote a trigger which adds these attachments in the Chatter File 

The trigger is:

trigger AttachFileToCaseFeed on Attachment (after insert) {     
    ID caseId;   
    list<FeedItem> listOfFeedFiles = new List<FeedItem>();   
        for(Attachment attachment : trigger.new){ 
           string checkIfCase = string.valueof(attachment.ParentId); 
                caseId = attachment.ParentId; 
                system.debug('Parent ID'+ caseId);
                FeedItem post = new FeedItem(); 
                post.ParentId = caseId; //eg. Opportunity id, custom object id.. 
                post.Body = 'Attachment added'; 
                post.Type = 'ContentPost'; 
                post.ContentData = attachment.body;  
                post.ContentFileName = attachment.Name; 
                post.Title = attachment.Name; 
        insert listOfFeedFiles;  

This trigger is working fine and i can search values on the incomming attachments but the issue is 
comming when i try to search some numeric values which are present in xlsx file in a cloumn.

It do not work with it where as on the same file the text values are search 

for example if I search 25452656554 there is no result.

but with TEST8456589, 887687, i search and this value is stored as reloadTEST8456589 in the same file on any other column, it populate the search result for the documents.

Hence my question is why i can't perform search on numeric column, 
Any Body has any Idea.

Urgent Help Needed.