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Shaileen PatelShaileen Patel 

Service Console API Integration from Externally Hosted Page or IFramed VF Page

I have a client that is trying to do a Service Cloud/CTI Integration using If By Phone

If By Phone uses a php page as their page in the phone panel and said they can host a VF page via IFrame to display a custom information within the phone panel

We are trying to use the Service Console Integration Toolkit to open an Account or Contact page as Primary Tab in a console from link. The issue that we are running into an issue the service console function is throwing an error which I believe is due to regarding cross-domain interactions.

Is there way to do this or can the Service Console Integration Toolkit be used on directly on If By Phone php page? 
Kevin GlinskiKevin Glinski
An older question and I can't speak for If By Phone, but the console APIs are available from CTI integrations just like the OpenCTI apis.  The key that i've noticed is that if you are developing locally, your cti needs to be on port 443 for https, otherwise if using a custom port, the API might block those calls because it doesn't correctly match on the port value of the origin url