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Salesforce Reporting Tool bug ?


One of our customer has created Report in salesforce for daily purpose. We are facing one issue over there. 
I want to understand if I am missing anything or this is a bug in salesforce reporting tool.

Reporting tool Issue:

Report behaves in correct way when I first choose checkbox and use drill down option. but after that, when I unselected previously selected checkbox and select some other rows to drill down further, Report does not unselect earlier record but shows drill down results inlcuding record selected at first.

For Ex: 

Lest assume there is report with 10 records and Branch is column ( field on record ) on report.

Step 1: I select row number 1 & use drill down option to refresh report. It gives me correct result & drills down report to selected record.
Step2 : Now, say I want to unselect row 1 and want to select row 4 & 5. After doing this if I run report then report does not unselect row 1 but shows me report result with row 1, row 4 & row 5 (ANDs all three together).

Is this a bug in salesforce tool ? How can I fix or raise a case for this ?

Please suggest.

thanks in advance.


Are you facing this issue with Matrix report? If yes, then we have an idea for this on idea exchange: