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Terence VibanTerence Viban 

How to retrieve comments on Salesforce CRM Content documents

In Salesforce CRM Content, when you click on a document added to the library, you can preview the document. You can also open up comments, versions etc. in this small preview window.

Where are the comments stored? I have looked at every single standard object definition and I can't find where they are stored. For example tags can be retrieved from the TagCsv field on the ContentVersion object which i also needed to to, but I cannot find the comments anywhere.

So how can I programmatically access comments added to a document directly in content????

thank you 
As per the below post, the comments are stored in feedcomment object. Try out the steps explained in the below article

Terence VibanTerence Viban
Hi thanks for your reply. Before asking the question, I did a lot of extensive research and also came across the link you shared. The comments are neither in the FeedComment, nor ContentDocumentFeed. The ContentDocument and ContentVersion objects do not store the contents as well. The only thing I was able to get were the tags.
Thanks though for your reply. Anyone has any ideas???
Terence, did you find the answer to this? I've also been searching but not found anything.