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Forrest MulduneForrest Muldune 

Create Red Text Notice When Date is entered in a Field

I am requesting if anyone could help me with a requirement. When someone enters a Date in the custom field Date_Dissolution__c within the Accounts object. I want the words "Date of Dissolution Entered" in the top right of the page layout. (view logo below).

User-added image

Can this be done by creating a visual force page? 

I am to Visual Foce and I just started exploring it today and I appreciate the help.


Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
Unless you override the entire interface (VF page / no headers or sidebar) you won't be able to get that notice in the position you are looking for.  (Note:  There are other side-effects of overriding the entire interface like that which you may want to shy away from)

However - you CAN make a formula field that references a Document with an image that you create - that shows the image if certain criteria is met.  This formula field can be placed within the Page Layout area like a normal field.

You can make a one-column section with no text as the label and place it directly above your first block of fields - so the image stretches across the entire top of the Page Layout.  Looks slick and gets the point across.

Forrest MulduneForrest Muldune

I appreciate the feedback and assistance. I will follow direction for using images in formula fields.