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Error with Manifest attribute

i am facing problem with manifest attribute in visualforce page. i want to use my page for offline usage i am on primary stage as with example provided by developer community. i wrote page as..

this my page which i will use offline
<apex:page doctype="html-5.0" manifest="/apex/CacheManifest" showheader="false" sidebar="false" standardstylesheets="false">
  <header>   <h1>  Congratulations!</h1></header>
<article>    This page looks almost like HTML5! </article>
<img src="/img/seasonLogos/2014_summer_aloha.png" />

<!-- manifest page -->
<apex:page contentType="text/cache-manifest" applyHtmlTag="false" standardStylesheets="false" showHeader="false">

but the error i have got in while inspecting the element is
Application Cache Error event: Failed to parse manifest 

can anyone tell me where am i doing wrong?


hello chidambar
Thanks for the reply but i have already tried it. it shows same error, should i add somthing different in my Manifest page?
Chidambar ReddyChidambar Reddy
Can you try it by putting development mode off?
Development mode is already off. I tried the code provided by the dev community shows same error? have you tried it before?
Chidambar ReddyChidambar Reddy
No Sailesh,

I have read about manifest  attribute by seeing your question.

I just tried to help you in solving the problem