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pintoo rajputpintoo rajput 

How to re render a page block section contains picklist, without effecting the page block section ??

I have a page block section contain picklist and input filed i filled all the field and picklist also .after that i clicked "add more" button it re render same page block without values BUT ABOVE SECTION SHOULD BE FILLED AS IT IS PICKLIST ALSO plz solve it 
Vamsi KrishnaVamsi Krishna
can you post your current code and tell us where exactly the issue is .. then we can suggest what needs to be changed in the code..
pintoo rajputpintoo rajput
Dear sir , I have attached My page and controller.in my page i have a button "Add Another Relative" after click on that a same block section rendered I filled section after that click button "Add Another Relative" display a new blank section below My problem is that in my above section filled value effected means picklist deselected I WANT ABOVE SECTION VALUE SHOULD BE FILLED after add another relative. Thank You