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offline use

Hello everyone

I have a requirement to build a simple page which caches salesforce data  when i go offline, and auto sync when i come online for moblie site. Can we do it with simple html 5 and javascript? what sort of javascript we will use? i dont want to use mobile sdk. is there any solution regarding this. i have build a page wgich can save data offline usiing offline.js but can not sync it back with salesforce.
Also can we use salesforce logged in session offline?

Shailesh Gusain
@LaceySnr - Matt Lacey@LaceySnr - Matt Lacey
You can't use a Salesforce session offline because it's an online session by definition. If this is a Visualforce page I don't think you're going to have any luck at all, really the best option is some kind of hybrid application running on the mobile device.

You could crete a page hosted on an external server which logs into Salesforce and pulls information via the REST API, but it seems like something of a security risk unless you're sure the local store would be safe.
Hello Matt
Can we use sql lite to store database offline ?