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Eclipse gets blocked "building workspace"

I spent a lot hours during the day rebooting eclipse.

It usually starts working fine, but a couple of times after polling changes to server, it gets blocked. Sometimes I have waited to see how long does it takes, and after 20 minutes I have desisted. Then I reboot eclipse, and it works fine again ... only 2 or 3 times.

Any suggestion?

I use to leave aside the eclipse and work directly on salesforce, but I'd preffer working on eclipse.
We have seen this on particular instances in the past - most notable CS8.  We just kept badgering support and eventually they told us there was a problem and it was fixed.  This was quite frustrating as the message initially was that there was no problem and it must be our applications.

You might want to take a look at Mavens Mate, or upgrade to the latest (summer 14) version of eclipse which is now available.
I still get this on CS8 alot. These dev tools for SFDC are frusting as heck and make me think I'm back in the 90s.