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Gabriel BacaGabriel Baca 

Access Salesforce REST API without authorization

Hello, is it possible to expose a salesforce api over http without requiring the user to first login?  I have some salesforce data that I would like to expose to external customers through a salesforce REST api but I don't need them to create salesforce accounts to access this data by logging in first.  

Right now all of the documentation that I have found requires the end user to login to generate an authorization token, which in my case and with the data I would like to expose is not needed and an extra burden on the end user.

Maybe I am looking at this all wrong but some help or guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.
You run the risk of running afoul of Salesforces' licensing rules (IANAL) but you can acomplish this with an unauthenticated force.com page that exposes your data via json. 

Essentially, develop a controller that gathers your data, and serialize it to json, and then build an unauthenticated force.com page that returns the json. 

Surya KiranSurya Kiran
Yes. You can do it by using force.com sites. Without login you can acces the salesforce data through Rest API. Look into the below artical.

Gabriel BacaGabriel Baca
Thanks KevinP that is good to consider about licensing rules and thank you Surya Kiran for the artical.  Both are helpful answers.