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sandeep varma indukurisandeep varma indukuri 

What is TestScripting in Sfdc

Is there any other techniques of testing rather than Unit testing
Rajesh PotnuruRajesh Potnuru
Hi Sandeep,

Defining classes of test methods with the isTest annotation
Class must be private
Use the isTest class annotation to define classes that only contain code used for testing your application
private class Test_class {
Test methods are declared with the following syntax:

static testMethod void test_name() {
When you create a test method,
Use static
Use testMethod keyword
Use void return type
No any arguments
No data changes performed in a test method
Don’t send emails
The key methods to use in your unit tests are the system.assert() methods:
Test methods cannot be used to test Web service callouts. Web service callouts are asynchronous, while unit tests are synchronous.
Salesforce.com recommends that you write tests for the following;
Single action
Bulk action
Positive behavior
Negative behavior
Restricted user

Best Practice for writing Test Classes
·Write fully portable tests ·       
Don’t use production data in your tests · 
Test expected behavior first, then test unexpected behavior ·       
If you find a bug, write a test to expose it before you fix it ·       
Shoot for 100% coverage ·       
Don’t rely on Today() ·       
Put your tests on the controller and class, not in separate classes



Rajesh PotnuruRajesh Potnuru
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sandeep varma indukurisandeep varma indukuri
actually answer is not up to the mark, i'm not talking about Unit testing i need any other forms of testing like Testscripting and all