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Shumaila Baloch 1Shumaila Baloch 1 

How to update defualt value of Event standard field in Add/Edit page


I have a requirenment to update the defualt picklist value of Event, which is the standard field, at the time of Add or Edit the event. How can I update the field by using Home page compnent. Right now, If I try to access any field in JavaScript by using documentElementById(); its return null value.

@LaceySnr - Matt Lacey@LaceySnr - Matt Lacey

Can you not just change the default value in the picklist settings for the field? e.g. Setup -> Event Fields -> Type, and choose a new default value.

With the release of Summer '14 you're not going to be able to use javascript in home page components so you're going to need a new method of doing this. If you need this to by dynamic for some reason you might get away with a URL hack or you could route via a Visualforce page which sets the value (if it doesn't need to be on-screen and editable then a before insert trigger would do the job nicely).