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Need fields Indexed on several objects (per Standard Support TO BE POSTED HERE)

Per Standard Suport's directive to me this week, I am posting this HERE to get fields Indexed.  Why Support would make me talk to the Developer's Community to get Support to index my fields?  I have no clue.

These are all Date fields.  I cannot mark them Unique External IDs.

Webinar Attendance     Case 10812794

Lead Sources     Case 10812807
Override_Date__c (not specifically a problem yet, but anticipated in the future to be)

(Person) Account     Case 10802220

(Exact Target) InidividualEmailResult     (ET) Case 01156464
--all Date fields--



well, I have no clue why they'd ask you to talk to us first. Support's upper tiers are the ones who can create and modify indexes. 

That said, I see person accounts listed, which always throw a wrench, and a spanner, and a hammer and everything else into the works. Perhaps Person Accounts also f-up the abiltiy to do Indexes. I'm not sure. 

If these are dateTime fields, there may be some things we can do to *auto create* indexes for you. Certian field types are automatically indexed. Namely (for this discussion) you can create *Deterministic* formula fields which are automatically indexed. You could, for instance, create a formula that given field X represented the Julian day (1-365) of the year, or the julian week(1-52) (honestly, i think i'd go for this one first.) 

Try creating a few *Deterministic* formual fields and using them as query selector inputs. 

Additionally, with summer14, you have access to the PLAN service in the Rest Explorer of workbench. You can use that to test the query plan to see where indexes help.

Thanks for your thoughts.   The only fields that would even be questionable to me are the __pc fields since they are on the Contact (but I would assume 1 or 2 things - index the __pc on Account, or index BOTH including the __c on Contact).  :-P

My vague recall is that EVERY ONE of these is Date, not DateTime.

I've been debating the (silliness) of a SECOND field for each date, into let's say a Text field, in (I was going to assume) yyyy-mm-dd format, then index that myself.   Let's just waste a bunch of custom fields!    (sigh)   :-)

And as for them making me come here... yes.  I was dumbfounded.   Quote (after I replied back negatively to the thought of going this route):

Connection User  07/25/2014 10:02:48 AM EDT


Please do post in the Developer Community and the indexing of your field will be taken care.


Original message to me was:

Connection User  07/23/2014 11:18:33 AM EDT

We have developed a new channel for Salesforce customers and partners who have not purchased Premier Success plans to receive answers to their developer support questions and to receive assistance if they have run into a bug or platform issue.

Standard customers and basic partners are being directed to the developer support boards at https://developer.salesforce.com/.

Salesforce technical support staffs resources that now do the following:

1) Ensure all developer support posts receive a response
2) Monitor posts for possible platform bugs and issues not related to customer or partner code
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Please help us educate our customers and partners that they now have a channel available to them that did not exist before. Please help them understand that we will help them and we will open support cases for bugs or issues with the platform.

Salesforce Customers can receive more information about our premier success plans here: http://www.salesforce.com/services-training/customer-support/

Salesforce partners can receive more information regarding Partner Developer Support which gives them the ability to log developer support cases, as well as all the success plans available to partners, here: http://www.salesforce.com/assets/pdf/datasheets/DS_PartnerSupport.pdf

If your filters matches indexing criteria,I do not understand why salesforce support would route you here.

I would suggest to ask them clearly that you want custom indexing help not that any question related help!!

Heman PageyHeman Pagey
Is it true that "deterministic" formula fields are auto indexed?