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Google apps integration with salesforce.com

Can anyone pls help me in solving below task.

Demonstrate your integration skills

a. If you do not have a gmail account create one

b. Create a google spreadsheet and create a google script to

- Show a menu when you open the gdoc with the following

1. Login to SFDC

2. Extract object metadata

c. When you select the Login to SFDC, a popup shows with fields needed to login to your developer

d. When you select “Extract object metadata”

instance (User name, password, security token and anything else). The popup should have 2

options one for login, one for cancel

- If not yet logged in, then show the login popup

- If already logged in

1. A popup shows up with a drop down of all the objects in the SFDC org you just

logged into and 2 buttons (Extract, cancel)

2. Once the user selects a specific object in the drop down and clicks extract.

The google script uses the SFDC Metadata API to extract all the information

exposed about the object, its fields and field properties and writes it to a new

tab (note label the tab with the object name).
This is a consulting help.However,I will try to help you as much as I can.

You would need to use Rest API and OAuth2 to make calls to login and extract metadata from SFDC and display.I would suggest you to read about it and then use it.

Go through the below link learn more :-