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Jacob W LandisJacob W Landis 

how to display more than 10 columns for related list


I want to display more than 10 columns for a related list. Is that possible? or I have to do it in a visualpage coded myself?


Srik PothSrik Poth

Thats the Salesforce dead limit on a standard related list. 

Yes. You can surely have it if you implement using a VF Page and replace the related list on the Parent Pagelayout. I have done similiar. I had a custom VF page as a Related List on the Parent Page with Pagination, Sorting, Inline Edit & Mass Update of records.

Marty AppleMarty Apple
Hi Jingli, Configero have a product on the App exchange to solve this problem.  It is called 'The Grid'.  If you need more information than what is on the App Exchange, please contact us directly.