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INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE, Account: bad field names on insert/update call: Name: [Name] 22:50:08.576 (576188473)|SYSTEM_METHOD_EXIT|[115]|System.debug(ANY)

Hi Guys,
I am getting this error when I tried to update a person account even though I am not mapping the name field on account I am just updating a address city field any thoughts?

//Assigning city to account field

// updating the account
update accountsToUpdateLst;
This type of error generally occurs in Person Accounts. Person Account treated differently then Normal Account Type. Maaping is not the reason of error. There may be condition that trigger does not check for Account type.

If Account field name IsPersonAccount has boolean value true then that Account is a person account.
Turns out I was mapping name field on account to a value duh!
Its a formula field so you got to map it to first name and Last Name seperately.
How very dull of me!