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Ash HallettAsh Hallett 

Custom objects Reseller

Hi everyone,

I've been stuck on this a few days now and can't seem to find any decent tutorials online that can help either.

I'm looking to create a custom object that I will call 'Reseller' this custom object needs to behave just like a Parent account for example.

The part that I am finding particularly difficult is being able to display related opportunities and accounts on the Reseller page.

In an ideal world, I'd like to be able to look up a reseller and then view the accounts or opportunities that they are related to.

Imagine it to be an Account page, only called Reseller instead.

Any help or suggestions would be HUGELY appreciated, I haven't worked with custom objects at all before.

Thanks in advance,

Virendra ChouhanVirendra Chouhan
Hi Ash

If you want a object as it is Account.
Then why not you  can use Account object just change the Tab name as you want like Reseller.

I think you could add a look up field on opportunities and accounts back to you Reseller object then go to the page layouts of the Reseller object and add the related lists for opportunities and accounts. When your are creating the look up fields it will give you the option to allomatically add the related list to you Reseller object along with what you wan to name the related list.