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Chandra Sekhar 28Chandra Sekhar 28 

When I am trying to export data from a visual force page, checkbox field values are not getting exported

I have a visualforce page which has an option o export the data from a pageblock table containing checkbox values. But the excel workbook does not show me any checked or unchecked characters when exported.
Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team

When you export the data, the value of the check box will come in true or false not as checked or unchecked.

Grazitti Team
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Can you try just to replace the value with 0 and 1 ?
Something like


Chandra Sekhar 28Chandra Sekhar 28
Replacing 1 & 0 will not work. My code looks something likes this:
<apex:column headerValue="Target" value="{!IF(EG.check__c==true,'true','false')}"/>