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Contract & Legal Attachment section for standard Object Account records

 public class ContractAttachment{

      public Contract_Document__c vWDoc{get;set;}
     public Attachment attachContract {get;set;} 
     public Account acct;

      public ContractAttachment(ApexPages.StandardController stdController) {
                 acct = [SELECT Id, Name,RecordTypeId FROM Account WHERE Id = '001f000000gwjoO'];
                 RecordType rt =[Select Id,Name From RecordType Where SobjectType='Account' and Id ='012E00000001vtF'];
                 acct.RecordTypeId = rt.Id;              
                 attachContract = new Attachment();
                 vWDoc = new Contract_Document__c();
                 this.vWDoc = (Contract_Document__c)stdController.getRecord();
                 acct.Id = vWDoc.Id;       
      public PageReference saveAttachment(){  
                vWDoc.Size__c = String.valueOf(attachContract.bodyLength/1024)+'KB';
                insert vWDoc;
                attachContract.ParentId =vWDoc.Id;
                insert attachContract;
       PageReference nextPage = new PageReference('/' + vWDoc.Id);
         return nextPage;     

The custom object Contract_Document__c is not seen in the Account Object. any suggestion?

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Looks like you are not populating the Account__c lookup in the Contract object anywhere .
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Hi Can you please tell me how to attach my  Contract_Document__c custom object to an Account With ID='001f000000gwjoO'. Actually my custom object contains fields to attach a document and this custom object shoul should go under the above Account.
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