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Amit BhandarkarAmit Bhandarkar 

Unable to delete Apex jobs in Professional Edition

Hi there,

I have an professional edition account. I want to uninstall a package but unable to uninstall because of there are dew jobs in queued status & it doesn't allow to uninstall the package. I also check scheduled jobs but there are no one jobs available which was in queue status, so i can not delete or abort therse jobs. Created a case with salesforce support but developement support is available only for premium customers. Can anyone please help me to abort or delete the jobs. Its urgent for us.

Thanks & regards,

Amit N. Bhandarkar

I am not sure on professional edition but on the setup menu can you see the developer console button?User-added image

If you can see that, then you can maybe kill the job in code?

If you don't see that maybe you can use https://workbench.developerforce.com to query the AsyncApexJob object and delete the records from there

Let me know what you are able to do and, i will try to help you out further
I think you'll need the package developers to create a mechanism to abort the job - you don't have the UI options or the ability to execute anonymous apex in Professional Edition, and you need one of those to abort the job.

Amit Bhandarkar 4Amit Bhandarkar 4

Thanx for the replies, I was created the new case with salesforce & they have deleted those jobs from backend.