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Tregger Ready Flow FinishLocation

I have been working on a use case to create a "queue assign" button that will assign the oldest order to the user pressing the button.  I have the basic flow working but I have been working on using a VF page to call the flow and redirect the user to the order that was assigned.

Using some great examples like http://techman97.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/flow-and-finishlocation/#comment-512 and others I have tried to create a custom controller to return the selected id and set the finish location to that order.

I finaly realized that this does work if I set a final screen to my flow.  But I get a Invalid Page Redirection error if I try to run as a trigger ready (headless) flow.  I do not need a screen in this case and would like to just push the button and redirect to the assigned order.

Anyone working on the trigger flow pilot come accross this problem and find a solution?

The ID does get returned to the page if I just display it on the screen but I guess without a flow screen the Id is not available when finishlocation is set.