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Mckay DunnMckay Dunn 

Assign unresolved items to accounts using Dataloader

I have a chunk of about 300 unresolved items that I would like to resolve using dataloader. This is my thought process on how this could work.

Download all of my unresolved items
Download all of my contacts

Match up the unresolved items to their corresponding Contact's SF ID.
Then re upload them to SF.

However I'm not sure how to do that last step. What route would I take to attach the unresolved item to a contact? Can someone help me with the parameters of that upload process?
Shri RajShri Raj
I think after matching the records using Vlookup in EXCEL why dont you upload the data into Salesforce? Are the data in different object? If its in the same object you can do it in one go.

Is there a relationship bettern Contact and Unresolved Items? If they are in different objects then is there any field which is similart on both ? 
Mckay DunnMckay Dunn
Shri - thanks for the response.

While typing up a long-winded reply I think I answered my own question. i just need to match the APIs up from the unresolved tasks to a normal task and then re upload it as a task. My only quesiton is once I re upload the task to SF and assign it to a particular account will it clear it out of my unresolved tasks automatically? Or do I need to take another step to clear it out of unresolved?