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Tarun KaushikTarun Kaushik 

Unable to include live agent in my custom app


I want to include live agent to my custom app.
Secondly ,I want to have a chat option on home page of  any cutomer login and agent chat window on home page of agent login

As of now I have created a visual force page to start a live agent chat service as a new tab :chat service" which is opening a html file whcih we have generated after configuring live agent, however i want that online and offline buttoon on my home screen.

Can anyone can help.


Hope this post answers your question http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/30529/can-we-have-live-agent-enabled-in-custom-appnot-console-type-of-app
Hi This should be relatively straight forward. Did you configure your live chat settings correctly? there you can configure your offline chat button and online chat button.live chat settings

This youtube movie helped me a lot of to set the live chat up


Tarun KaushikTarun Kaushik
Hi Sven

I have configured my live agent same as shown i video,I just want that online button should display on the home page of customer screen.

According to this video we have to open that html page or a visual page in which that auto generated code have been configured to make that online and offline button active but I nly want to access that online and offline on my home screen or my cutomer login home page.