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Jill GouldJill Gould 

Show Activity Descriptions

When in a contact record, when you hover over the activites tab, you can see the activities list.  I would like to make it so that when I hover over a particular activity, I can see the comment (description) of the activity.  

For example, If I am in a contact record, I can see that I spoke with the contact 3 times this week, but I cannot see what was discussed.  I would like to be able to see the content of the calls without having to leave the contact record.  

Can someone help me with this?


I believe you need to use some JavaScript code. Below is a document, which might help you.

>> http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/8132/onmouseout-event-after-clicking-on-link



If I am not wrong you want to display discription field when some hover the record name. You can add description field in Mini page layout for this
Avinash AkondiAvinash Akondi
Hello Jill,

 To Display different fields of the activities under  Contact records, we need to modify the page layout.Go to contact record and on right hand side you will find quick access menu ->Edit Layout. From layout go to the activities you will find settings option. Here we can add the fields to be displayed under activities when you hover over the activities.


Jill GouldJill Gould
Hello, Thank you for your response. The problem is that when changing the layout, it does not allow me to put the description (comment) of the task (not just the title of it) in the activities list. As I said, Jill Gould National Partner Search,LLC (301) 530-8045 www.nationalpartnersearch.com Sent from my mobile device.