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Muhammad WasimMuhammad Wasim 

Dev 401 Certification

Hi Guys

I'm preparing myself for the Dev401 certification and following the workbooks provided by the salesforce. Don't know what kind of questions for that I have to prepare myself? I'm able to create basic application and have good understanding. Still I'm confused that I don't know the internals as the questions will be in the exam where they will not ask how to create an object, relationships etc.. Give me some tips and guide me towards the right track. I have to get it done as soon as possible. Please help.

salesforce User 15salesforce User 15
Please check these links..They won't ask us to create an object or relationships in the exam. This exam is purely multiple choice. Please try to review all of your answers and then click submit at the last. All the best.. Please post your result./.

http://www.forceprepare.com/forcecertificationlinks.html (best site to know the type of questions we will get)
Jason Curtis NBSFDGJason Curtis NBSFDG
Hi, Muhammad, I took (and passed) the test earlier this year. If you have worked through the books that is a good start. The areas I was a little fuzzy on that I wished I knew better before the test: analytics, especially the different report types (and how data is viewable), the data loader (I had never used before), various levels of security and permissions & creating work flows. Make sure to review the various guides/workbooks on those issues:

Analytics Workbook (http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/workbook_analytics/workbook_analytics.pdf)
Security Workbook (http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/workbook_security/workbook_security.pdf)
Data Loader (http://na12.salesforce.com/help/pdfs/en/salesforce_data_loader.pdf)
Cloud Flow Designer Workbook (http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/workbook_flow/workbook_flow.pdf)

Good luck!
Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran
As explained earlier by Salesforce user user 15 and Jason there are lots of stuff available online to clear 401 certification but I'll suggest you to first complete the workbook and the Force.com Fundamental for platform and complete the requirement application by making a deep understanding on it as most of the question related to that Application and it's very to have complete deep knowledge to clear the exam.
Jason Curtis NBSFDGJason Curtis NBSFDG
Going through a lot of the Admin stuff is also helpful, for the certification, but also for development in general--helps to really understand the platform.
David "w00t!" LiuDavid "w00t!" Liu
You only need two things for this certification, which many consider to be the easiest:
  1. Quizlet.com
  2. http://www.sfdc99.com/2014/08/13/how-to-learn-the-admin-side-of-salesforce/
It's threads like this that prove how utterly useless certification has become. If you can get "certified" after reading a booklet or two, that certification means nothing.
salesforce User 15salesforce User 15
Thanks for your valuable lines  "dlv"... Never try to drag some one from hopes..